Testimonials for "I Am"

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- Craig Thomason, Senior Learning Designer and Developer, Learning Shared Services, Merck


I Am is a toolbox we can all use in our hyper-connected world. Bruce and Amy are absolutely right that when we prioritize slowing down, we’re actually unleashing our true potential and creativity."

- Callie Schweitzer, Chief Content Officer, Thrive Global


"This book is like hot chocolate for your brain. Read it slowly, savor it, and you will be rewarded each time you repeat.”

- Carmen Simon, cognitive neuroscientist and author of Impossible to Ignore


"I love this book! It follows the format of the personal enrichment exercise "I am." I am... tenacious, intuitive, inspirational, playful, etc. But it goes on to describe each attribute chosen in the kind of appealing way that only Bruce Kasanoff and Amy Blaschka could achieve."

- Cheryl D. Snapp Conner, Founder and CEO, SnappConner PR


“Amy and Bruce nail the art of reflection. Prepare to be both inspired and refreshed.”

- Allen Gannett, author of The Creative Curve and CEO of TrackMaven


"INSANE. Your book is genius. In love w/ every word, and I learned a new one - coruscant."

Molly Tschang, CEO, Abella Consulting


"In these crazy busy times, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves. We get caught up in “order-taking” and busy-ness. I intend to use Bruce and Amy’s book as part of my daily meditation. It is the perfect conduit to living consciously."

Lisa Nirell, author of The Mindful Marketer


“Bruce and Amy’s inspiring little book of ruminations on the wonders of life will give you the mental and spiritual energy boost you can’t get from your day job or your social media feeds.”

- Glenn Leibowitz, communications director at a global consulting firm and a LinkedIn “Top Voice”


"I love the book. It's honest and reflective and contains so much space for making it my own."

- Lila Smith, Director of Communications and E-Commerce, DNA Footwear


"Both poetic and mindful, offering a transformative path towards positivity, creativity, and unleashing your highest potential."

- Christoph Zohlen, Managing Partner, Radius 1 Consulting GmbH


"Amy and Bruce, I feel like the little girl inside me is finally listening.  I want to live 'now' and move forward rather than habitually paralyzing myself by looking into the past. My self-doubt and regret gives me only more pain and disappointment. After reading all the 'I am...' pages, I feel light yet powerfully optimistic about my future. Thank you for putting 'pen to paper' and sharing so lovingly of yourselves."

- Elizabeth, elementary teacher in Calgary, Alberta Canada