All true innovations come from an intuitive leap...

In a fascinating paper by Viktor Dorfler and Fran Ackermann, the authors explain that most business researchers and corporate leaders look at intuition as a fuzzy way to make decisions, but they argue that's only half the picture.

Intuitive judgment is just one kind of intuition. The other, suggest the authors, is intuitive insight.

In almost all of the business literature, write the authors, "Intuition in creativity is still viewed as judgment. Naturally, the creative process may involve intuitive judgments, for example, judging which path to pursue in the course of a research project. However, we argue that there is intuition which is not judgment, which actually produces new knowledge. This is what we call intuitive insight."

Once you recognize the existence and value of intuitive insight, it becomes obvious that some seemingly logical arguments for managing a corporate culture are dead wrong. By failing to separate intuitive insights from intuitive judgments, most companies have severely limited originality, creativity, and innovation. You can't decide your way to originality; this may be why established, well-funded companies repeatedly get annihilated by aggressive startups.

Our goal is simple: with your help, we want to foster and encourage intuitive leaps.


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