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If you want to be truly original, make creative leaps and important new discoveries... your culture needs to embrace intuitive insights.

Did you ever wonder why pretty much every speaker who talks about innovation cites Apple? It's because the late Steve Jobs was one of the few CEOs who truly made room for intuitive insights. He had the power, belief, and resolve to clear the way of anything that stood between execution and an intuitive insight in which he believed.

Unfortunately, most leaders - and corporate cultures - misperceive intuition as little more than a second-rate way to make decisions. "Gone are the days of lazy managers making gut feel decisions," they might say. "Today, we use data and logic to make better decisions."

That may be, but in a business context there are two kinds of intuition: intuitive judgments and intuitive insights. Intuitive judgment may help you make a decision, but intuitive insights create new opportunities and assets. No significant creative or innovative leap has ever been made that lacked an intuitive insight at its core.

We help leaders and their teams recognize the utter importance of intuitive insights—so that they can reshape their corporate cultures to both nurture and protect such leaps forward. We offer speeches, workshops, and other tools designed to bring the power of intuitive insights to your organization.

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Interactive, dynamic, and engaging...

We're not big believers in Powerpoint or pontification. We make ample use of videos, exercises, and demonstrations to reveal how you and your colleagues can tap into your intuitive insights and create an organizational culture that embraces them. To put it simply, we show rather than tell.

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