Would You Like to Be More Intuitive?

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The irony of the story I'm sharing today about intuition is that I never saw any of this coming...

Slightly over a month ago, I published a story on Forbes, Intuition is the Highest Form of Intelligence. Most of my Forbes articles reach a few thousand readers; this one has been read over 290,000 times. As is my habit, a few weeks later I also shared this story on LinkedIn; it rapidly became my most-liked article ever.

Among the many people who shared their thoughts with me was Amy Blaschka, who has been part of my network for several years. After a few back and forth messages, we started talking about why so many professionals are interested in this topic and that there wasn't (yet)  a good forum for exploring the role of intuition in careers.

As a writer, I've long been hesitant to do much more than writing. Focus is important, and I earn a living by sitting in my chair and typing away. But I also recognize that writing has its limitations and that eventually you actually have to get up and do something.

In Amy, I recognized someone who is a natural-born community organizer. She is wonderfully positive and genuinely interested in others. Plus, she seems to embody how professionals should use intuition: she does her research, gathers the facts, but always also pays attention to her intuition.

We quickly decided to launch a community of professionals who want to be more intuitive. Since you're reading this on our brand new website, you already know that we're barely a notch or two above the original idea; there's not much content here yet.

But our plan is to feature content from a wide range of professionals, researchers, and anyone else willing to invest the time in helping others to understand how to best leverage intuition in their careers.

Our goal is to be open-minded and inclusive. We're not going to merely share opinions that fit with our own. Instead, we're going to share many different perspectives and let you make your own judgments.

We also hope to bring this conversation around the world, by facilitating and leading discussions at many companies and gatherings. It's going to take a while to get to that point, but that's where we are heading.

So, yes, I am going to start getting up from my chair.

We hope you will come along for the ride. The first step is pretty simple: tell us who you are...

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