About the authors


Bruce kasanoff

Bruce is the author of numerous books, including How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk and Never Tell People What You Do. Way back in 2001, he wrote Making It Personal, which predicted many of the practices common on the Web today. 

One of the most prolific of all LinkedIn Influencers, he helps others to do well by doing good.

His day job is serving as a social media ghostwriter and coach to highly accomplished professionals, including CEOs and entrepreneurs, plus leading consultants, speakers, and authors. Learn more at Kasanoff.com.

The idea for this book emerged—in full detail—during one of Bruce’s meditation sessions.


I Am...

  • Extremely fortunate to have one of the best jobs in the world. Fascinating people call me with their best ideas and then pay me to retell them. This has been going on for years! I learn so much from my clients, and they make me smarter and better informed.
  • On a mission to re-inject humanity into business. My personal credo is: Be generous and expert, trustworthy and clear, open-minded and adaptable, persistent and present.
  • Constantly crossing the street to pat a dog, and nothing makes me happier than skiing fresh powder in the mountains of Utah. (Once I skied in the mountains of Utah with an avalanche rescue dog, and that made me unbelievably happy.)
  • Also a photographer. My goal is to have my images serve as a powerful reminder of the power of focus, patience, and presence. You can see two of my photographs below. Reaching Down is in the foreground and Ray of Hope is the triptych:
BK photos.jpeg
Amy Blaschka headshot.png

amy blaschka

Amy is a writer and brand strategist, and one of the most positive and popular storytellers on social media. Her engaging communication style has earned an enthusiastic following on LinkedIn, Thrive Global, and Medium where she aspires to inspire transformation.

She uses stories to strengthen both personal and corporate brands. Her specialty is helping you—or your company—to communicate in a manner that connects you with others. Learn more at AmyBlaschka.com.

True confession: before this project, Amy was a novice meditator, but found so much value in it that she has incorporated meditation into her daily creative process. 


I Am...

  • Enchanted by the stories that people tell about themselves... and it shows. Ever since childhood, people tell me things about their lives. Not just superficial or fun stories, but deeply moving and honest tales that reveal what excites, motivates, scares, and attracts them.
  • Blessed to be able to shape other people's stories in the manner that best serves their interests. I find the spark in each person's presence and shine a spotlight on it so that others are drawn—like me—to their presence.
  • Focused on bringing positive transformation to the people whose paths cross mine. I do this in ways large and small, but mostly by helping them to present their best selves to the world.
  • A huge fan of Peet’s® almond milk lattes with cinnamon steamed into the milk; Post-it® notes and whiteboards; water (drinking it, immersed in it, or gazing upon its beauty); playing co-ed volleyball; chips and guacamole; and my awesome friends and family, including my yellow lab, Rigby (see below).
amy and rigby.jpeg